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Hey y'all!

Since LJ is still not letting me post any entries (or basically anything for which you don't have to click links, but rather press a button), I remembered I had this thing here.
So I had my job interview at the bookstore yesterday. It went pretty well...especially considering that I couldn't really fall asleep the night before so I had a lie-in until 1 pm xD
Wasn't that bad though because the store is basically around the corner and the appointment was at 3 so I still had enough time left. I got ready quickly and grabbed a Latte before (I usually don't drink coffee, but the milk makes it bearable and I still felt a bit fuzzy from lack of/weird sleep schedule).
I got there at 2:50 and asked for Ms R., the person I had been referred to on the phone. Of course that had the guy I asked furrowing his brows and be like "but Ms R isn't here today" to which I emphasized (friendly so, of course!)that I had been told to talk to her. So he made a phone call and then told me to wait a bit and I would be picked up. Okay then, I was early after all. So I made a bit of conversation with the guy and browsed through the books on display until a lady came and took the lift upstairs with me. There I was greeted by a Ms. S., my interviewer. She asked me the usual questions, why I want to do this, why I left my last job etc....it went pretty well except for her noticing my bad grades in Math ("you do know you're going to have accounting classes in voc. school?" NO. :P). She also asked if I knew who was on the top of the bestsellers list. I had looked at that but just had remembered the ones I knew because I thought they'd asked me to name some books on it...but the ones I knew weren't the top ones so I was like "uhhh sorry I am blacking out right now...but I do know [name of book] is on it!" haha.

Besides that, I think it went quite well. She said they had a lot of other applicants and were interviewing people to start on October 1 (!) right now so they'd report back until end of August. I hope to know if I'll start college in September by then. I guess so because...otherwise it would be quite impractical xD

Anyways,I am sorry about the missing birthday wishes and I know I have to add another person. Please don't defriend me over on LJ okay? I'll also go on holiday to France on Thursday so if it isn't fixed by then, I will catch up with everything on August 1!

Things I can do on LJ right now, FYI:
- log in
- go to my front page
- go to my messages
- read my flist
- read my journal

Things I cannot do:
- mark messages as read
- delete messages
- add people
- comment
- post

Anyway, that leaves me time to clean the flat, I guess. xD
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